Our Trust

The Trust officially launched on January 1st 2018 having together, successfully completed a conversion process to becoming Academies and form a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) known as the Soke Education Trust.   The Soke Education Trust is a Primary School MAT involving Werrington Primary School, Wittering Primary School, John Clare Primary School and Gunthorpe Primary School.  The Trust is an approved Sponsor of Gunthorpe Primary School.

The Trust’s principles are based upon core moral leadership which places our learners at the centre of everything that we do. Our ambitions are to: Sustain high achievement, Empower confident learners and Transform the life opportunities for all.  We will achieve this through collaboration, sharing best practice and innovation whilst being accountable for positive outcomes across all our Academies.  Each Academy is led by the Headteacher and Local Governing Body driving opportunity and school improvement whilst retaining its own unique flavour and identity.  We recognise the vast array of positive qualities and strengths within each of our Academies.  Working together and drawing upon this wealth of talent ensures that we provide the very best learning opportunities and enrichment for our pupils.  Our Trustees play a pivotal role in ensuring all aspects of Trust work, positively enhances outcomes and opportunities for all pupils, providing support and leadership across the Trust and maintaining the highest regulatory expectations as set out by the DFE/ESFA.