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Soke Education Trust is a company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales. The Trust is also classified as an exempt charity and the statutory responsibilities for the Academy Trust and the schools within it rest with the Board of Trustees. Appointed by Members, the Board of Trustees are also company directors registered at Companies House.

At the Soke Education Trust, the Board of Trustees delegate a significant amount of the work of the Trust to functional committees of the Board and to the Local Governance Committees. The function of the Local Governance Committee of each school is to implement the vision, values and strategic direction of the school and retain oversight of key areas such as the quality of education, safeguarding, health & safety, behaviour and attitudes, attendance, wellbeing of pupils and staff and community engagement.

The Board of Directors recognise the significant role that local governance plays in raising standards and improving outcomes, and is committed to working with governors and teams in the schools to unlock potential across the Trust.