Our Trustees/Directors

Name of Director Date of Appointment End of Term of Office
Ben Wilding (CEO) 11th January 2018 11th January 2022
Claire Spooner (Chair) 11th September 2017 11th September 2021
Julia Walker-Smith
(Chair of AFR Committee)
13th January 2020 12th January 2024
Graham McIntosh 11th September 2017 11th September 2021
David Over 8th October 2019 7th October 2023
John Roach 31st August 2018 30th August 2022
Barry Webb 10th July 2020 9th July 2024
Julie Daniels 26th November 2020 25th November 2024
Russell Atkinson 14th July 2021 13th July 2025

All of the above Directors were appointed by Members of the Trust, in accordance with the Trust's Articles of Association. 

Over the course of 2020-21 the following directors resigned office:

Name of Director Resignation Date
Abdul Islam 10th July 2020
Rachel Woodford 26th November 2020
Maxine Palmer 3rd June 2021

The Trust structures it's business through the Trust Board and one committee (Audit, Finance and Risk - AFR). All directors are expected to attend the Trust Board and AFR Committee)

Trust Leadership

Ben Wilding, Chief Executive
Maxine Arnott, Chief Finance Officer

School Leadership and Local Governance

Further information regarding Local Governance within Trust schools is available via the links included below. This includes Governor Attendance and Declarations of Interest. 

Gunthorpe Primary School:

Fran Rhodes, Headteacher
Karen Armstrong, Chair of Local Governing Body

John Clare Primary School:

Sarah Nicolson, Headteacher
Emma Stephens-Dunn, Chair of Local Governing Body

Northborough Primary School: 

Stuart Mallott, Headteacher
David Over, Chair of Local Governing Body

Werrington Primary School

Rachel Simmons, Headteacher
Chris Pennell, Chair of Local Governing Body

Wittering Primary School

Rhys Thrower, Headteacher
Jane Hunt, Chair of Local Governing Body